Custom Fitting

David Gemmell
Custom Fitting And Coaching Academy

We pride ourselves as being experts in all aspects of custom fitting whether it be fitting you for new irons, woods, wedges, putters or simply checking your existing equipment.

The Experts:
David Gemmell

Head Professional at Aberdour Golf Club with 15 years of custom fitting experience.

Recently arriving at Turnhouse Golf Club… please look out for information coming soon about the new and improved fitting solution.

‘I used to do everything by eye, but with the advancements in technology custom fitting has become 100% accurate and much easier to do. Custom fitting is a great passion of mine and there is nothing better than seeing a customer improve after receiving the correct equipment advice’.

New club custom fitting
We provide a fully computerised custom fitting service using the state of the art system called Flightscope X2. Flightscope is the newest fitting tool on the market, and is a doplar radar system which tracks the flight of the golf ball, your clubhead speed, distance, spin rates, flight time, flight height and ball speed.

All of these figures are used to give the individual the best equipment to suit the way they hit the ball on the day and going forward, using our Professional expertise we will fit the equipment to suit the individual.

We do not just use the numbers given by the machine, we will take into consideration all aspects of the customer involved and combine expertise with technology.

We can fit all equipment except putters with Flightscope.The cost for a fitting is £30 but is fully refundable on the purchase of equipment.

When choosing a putter it is essential that you get custom fitted.
The majority of people are using putters which are too long for them. We only stock putters that are 32′, 33′ and 34′ in length. Once fitted we can either cut and weight the putter or order the putter in.
Alterations to loft and lie can also be made as we have our own putter loft and lie machine.

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Existing clubs:

Everyone should get their existing clubs checked for loft, lie and grip condition at least once per year.
It is a simple exercise which takes 5 minutes in the net to do then 15 minutes on our own loft and lie machine.


Flightscope custom fitting £30 (fully refundable on purchase)
Putter Fitting £25 (fully refundable on purchase)
Loft, length and lie check for irons and putters £15
Loft and lie alterations for irons £3 per club
Length alterations for irons £7.50 per club including a standard grip (£14.50 for multi-compound grip)
Length alterations for putters £10 including standard grip
To book a session or for any other information please call 01383860256 or contact me at: