Casual Tee Booking System

Casual tee bookings can be made through the club website, the Pro-Shop or the touchscreen.




  • Bookings can be made 8 days in advance from 07:00 in the morning.
  • The first bookable tee time¬†will be 07:30 and subsequent times will be at 8 minute intervals from March to October.
  • From November until February the first bookable tee time will depend on light and tee time intervals will be 7 minutes.
  • A 15-minute buffer is required before the first tee time. This is to allow a clear path for the individuals that have officially booked a tee time.
  • Members may book and play in one tee time in any four hour period.
  • When booking, we request that all members’¬†names are recorded into the system as we need to know who is on the golf course. Everyone will then get an email notifying them of the time that they are booked to play at. If names are not known at the time of booking then please advise before commencement of play.
  • Times will be reserved for members only. These times will be 07:30-09;30 Monday-Friday, all day Saturday and 07:30-10:00 on Sunday. All day on an official Wednesday medal.
  • Official Club Match Play events may book two weeks in advance with the following restrictions- April to October after 13:00 excluding Wednesdays. November to March after 11:30 excluding Saturdays. Members who have qualified to represent the club in any Lothians, Mid Lothian, Scottish or Daily Mail even may also advance book under these same parameters.
  • Member’s Day’s can be booked in advance.
  • Intra-Club end of season and Christmas outing times may be booked in advance. In both cases food must be booked for afterwards with the Christmas menu having to be booked at Christmas.
  • Casual visitors may book 5 days in advance.
  • Societies will be booked in advance but out with the member’s protected times.