Club Info

Membership Information

Memberships run from the month that you join in to renewal in the same month the following year.

The traditional year was the 1st of November until the 31st of October and this is the period that our prices are set against.

The Subscription rates from the 1st of November 2017 until the 31st of October 2018 are as detailed below:


  • Full Membership, Ladies & Gents: £728.00
  • Youth Membership 18-23 years £254.80
  • Youth Membership 24-26 years £364.00
  • Youth Membership 27-29 years £473.20
  • Social membership- £75(Includes £50 Bar Credit)
  • Beginners/Returners to Golf membership- £199.99.

Full and Youth memberships are also subject to £50 Clubhouse Credit, £11.25 Scottish Golf Levy, £1.35 Lothians fee* & £3 Insurance Cover. (*not applicable to ladies).

Beginners/Returners to Golf Package Includes-

  • 9 Half Hour Golf Lessons
  • 1 Session on the Rules and Etiquette of Golf
  • 2 Rounds of Golf.
  • £25 Range Card
  • £25 Bar Card
  • Access to the Clubhouse
  • Access to the Driving Range
  • Access to Intermediate Membership for 1 Year


  • Junior Membership 7-10 years £72.80 plus £1 Insurance Cover.
  • Junior Membership 11-14 years £109.20 plus £3 Insurance Cover
  • Junior Membership 15-17 years £145.60 plus £3 Insurance Cover

Fees can be paid in various ways:

  • Direct Debit instalments over 12 months (7.15% charge)
  • Club Direct Debit Scheme over 6 months from Aug-Jan (3 months in advance). No charge
  • Cash, cheque or debit card and on-line bank transfer

Alternatively, once you have joined you can save up on your Membership Card which has two accounts on it, one which you use over the Bar to receive discount on food and drink (Clubhouse Credit) and a second “Members Bank” account whereby you can deposit funds throughout the year to save up for your annual subscription.

Please contact General Manager, David Gemmell, if you would like to discuss an application.