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Course Risk Assessment

Safety Notice for Play on Turnhouse Golf Course and Surrounds


Golf is a dangerous sport and all persons stepping on to the course, putting greens and practice areas must be aware of the dangers and act accordingly. You should read and act upon the safety advice in the Etiquette section of the Rules of Golf and must obey all directional signage and other safety notices particularly when using buggies or trolleys.

  • Use pathways or flat areas whenever possible to avoid slips, trips and falls. If you must access an uneven or sloping area, then take the route of least unevenness or minimum slope.
  • You are advised to take particular care when moving around the course in wet or cold weather when underfoot conditions require extra caution. Steps on the course should be used with great care particularly in wet or frosty conditions.
  • At times, the greens staff may rope off or otherwise designate routing around the course. You must obey the routing at all times and under no circumstances should a trolley be taken over a barrier. Where the barriers are low, then players must take care if stepping over the barrier.
  • Only hit a golf shot when you are sure that other players, spectators or greens staff are out of range or, if they are within range, that they are aware that you are going to hit. If your shot is heading in the direction of any person, you must shout ‘FORE’ in a loud voice to alert that person of possible danger. If the shout ‘FORE’ is heard when playing or spectating, then take evasive action.
  • When a shot is blind, either because the topography is such or that you are impeded by an obstruction, then only hit once you have satisfied yourself that it is safe to do so.
  • Do not take swings, practice swings or warm up swings in close proximity to others.
  • Practice play is limited to the range, short game area and practice putting green outside the clubhouse. Practice is strictly forbidden on the course.
  • You are advised to avoid oral contact with anything that comes into contact with the golf course including sand, soil and grass, particularly when caution signs indicate that chemicals have been sprayed on the course.
  • You are advised to exercise caution when walking or playing in areas of trees and bushes. Loose and fallen branches and other obstructions will be removed wherever possible, but the Club cannot be held responsible for natural conditions prevailing at any particular time.
  • The greens staff may be working on the course when golf is in progress. Please be careful and courteous to them and ensure that they are aware of, and have acknowledged your presence, prior to playing in their proximity. They may be carrying out a task at the time you are ready to play. You should allow them to complete that task after which they will stand aside to allow you to play your shot.
  • All persons using a buggy must follow the Buggy Safety Policy and the Safe Working Practice Note for Use of a Buggy on Turnhouse Golf Course, both of which are available at the time of the buggy hire.
  • All members, guests and visitors are requested to advise the Secretary of any hazards noted around the course that are not covered under this Notice.

Specific Hazards Identified with Turnhouse Golf Course

Care must be taken at every hole in accordance with the General points above, but the following holes require particular care:

  • 3rd hole: Drive is blind so ensure that the players in front, and those at the adjoining 5th and 6th holes, are not in range. For shots to the green, allow players in front to reach the 4th tee before playing and be ready to shout ‘Fore!’ if a ball goes that way.
  • 4th hole: The hole has a double green with the 12th hole. When approaching the green, take care that those playing the 12th hole or those leaving the 4th green to walk back to the 5th tee are not in range.
  • 6th hole: Hole runs parallel with the 3rd hole and shots tend to be played towards the 3rd hole, so ensure 3rd hole is clear before playing.
  • 12th hole: The hole has a double green with the 4th hole and has a blind second shot, so ensure that the players in front and those on or around the 4th green have cleared before playing.
  • 13th hole: Players in front sometimes are hidden by the hill on the right. Ensure players in front have cleared before playing your tee shot.
  • 14th hole: Tee shot tends to be played to the right towards the 17th green/18th tee area which is largely obscured by trees especially in summer. Players should only hit if it is safe to do so.
  • 15th hole: Tee shot tends to be hit to the right towards the 16th tee. Players should only hit if the 16th tee is clear or the players on the 16th tee are aware that you are going to hit.
  • 16th tee: Be aware of wayward tee shots from 15th tee
  • 17th green/18th tee area: Be aware of wayward tee shots from 14th tee

Safety Rules for the Range and Short Game Area at Turnhouse Golf Course

Care must be taken in accordance with the General points above and the following Rules for the Range must be adhered to:

  • Play is only permitted from the designated area westwards
  • In a west or south west wind, balls tend to veer towards the 8th hole. Players must not allow balls to reach the 8th hole either by aiming further to the left or by using a lesser club that cannot reach the 8th hole. If a ball is headed towards the 8th hole, then the player must shout ‘Fore’.
  • Players should stand well apart from any neighbouring players when hitting
  • Not more than two persons should congregate around players
  • The Range will close periodically to permit the collection of golf balls. When the Range is closed, no play on the Range is permitted.