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CCTV Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system at Turnhouse Golf Club. The system comprises of a number of fixed cameras located both internally and external to the clubhouse and surrounds. The Club owns the CCTV system and it is regularly serviced and updated. The Policy will be subject to review by the Board and the General Manager.

This Policy follows the privacy and data protection act 2014.

Objectives of the CCTV Policy

The objectives of the Club’s use of CCTV are:

  1. To help protect the Club’s buildings and assets
  2. To help protect the security of Members, Visitors and Staff
  3. To support the Police in a bid to deter and detect crime
  4. To assist in identifying, apprehending and potentially prosecuting offenders

Operation of the System

The CCTV system will be administered and managed by the Club in accordance with the values and objectives expressed in the act. The day to day management will be the delegated responsibility of the Club’s General Manager. The CCTV system will operate 24 hours each day, every day of the year, recording all activity.

Appropriate signage informing Members, Visitors and Staff of the existence of a CCTV system, will be placed both internally and externally to all relative buildings.

Control and Liaison

The Clubs system provider (Eclipse) will periodically check and confirm the efficiency of the system and, in particular, that the equipment is properly recording and that cameras are functional. The Club will liaise with the supplier regarding servicing and/or repairs and maintenance of the system.

Monitoring Procedures

Camera surveillance may be maintained at all times and footage continuously recorded and up to 30 days of footage is held on the systems memory. Footage is stored on this device and can only be accessed by the General Manager and Operation Manager. Only at the discretion of the Board, Lothians Police Force or the Local, Sherriff or High Courts will archive files be removed from the Clubs premises.

Requests for footage

“Except as required by law”, footage will be made available only to duly authorised representatives of Turnhouse Golf Club. Use of this footage shall be limited to the performance of governance and management duties by those authorised representatives of the Club. For the purpose of this policy duly authorised representatives shall be restricted to the General Manager and Operations Manager except as maybe authorised by a resolution of the Board from time to time.

More Information

For more information regarding the CCTV system please contact the General Manager.

Andrew Travers
General Manager
Turnhouse Golf Club
0131 3391014
[email protected]