Junior Pathway

Junior Golf Lessons enables children, usually enrolled from local primary schools, to try out golf without making any long-term commitment.

However, Turnhouse also has three stages of great value membership for young golfers:

  • Tiger Cubs membership for 7–10 year olds. £71.40 plus £1 Insurance p.a.
  • Junior membership for 11–14 year olds. £107.10 plus £3 Insurance p.a.
  • Junior membership for 15–17 year olds. £142 .80 plus £3 Insurance p.a.

Tiger Cubs Membership @ Turnhouse Our Tiger Cub membership (age 7-10) can also include Junior Golf Lessons to enable younger children to opt into our friendly, informal and FUN coaching.

Junior Membership @ Turnhouse Both Junior Golf Lessons and Tiger Cub membership offer our young golfers the opportunity to progress through these development stages to become full Junior members (age 11–17).

Here we also have the option of years 3&4 of the ClubGolf programme (12 lessons for £79). Such advanced coaching is designed for older/more experienced young golfers and we aim to provide them with a chance to gain a handicap and play in competitions throughout the year.

Juniors are also offered ClubGolf camps during school summer holidays. For details on our Junior memberships see – www.turnhousegolfclub.com