Club Newsletters

Opening Competition

Dear Member,

The season is upon us as the Opening Competition is this Saturday.
To allow more members to take part this year, we are running a double shotgun Texas Scramble.
The decision has proven popular as we now have 128 players participating, as opposed to 80 last year.

In addition to the competition there will be live entertainment in the club from 19:00.
Hailey Beavis will be popping in to do a solo set and there will be a Karaoke machine for those that want to have a go after Hailey has finished.
The bar will be open till late.

Opening Competition Details

  • Hot rolls available from 08:00.
  • Morning registration from 08:00.
  • Morning Tee-Off- 09:15.
  • For the teams that are 4(a) and 18(a) please tee off at 09:10.
  • Click Here for the morning draw.
  • Morning Competitors hot buffet from 13:15.
  • Afternoon registration from 12:30.
  • Afternoon Tee-Off- 13:15
  • Click Here for the afternoon draw.
  • Afternoon Competitors hot buffet from 17:30.
  • Prizegiving around 18:00
There will be prizes for the top 5 teams.

Turnhouse Carvery

A reminder that the Turnhouse Carvery is back this weekend for Easter Sunday.
Places are filling up fast so please call the bar to secure your place.

Adult- £14.50
Children 5-12- £9

Have a great week.
Kind regards

David Gemmell CCM PGA
General Manager
Turnhouse Golf Club

Club Update 21/3/18

Dear Member,

Another mixed week with The Beast 2 disrupting Sunday and Monday.
It’s hard to believe that it is the Opening Competition a week on Saturday and Spring is just around the corner.
The weekend we all hate is here as we lose an hours sleep on Sunday morning. Remember and put those clocks forward.

Joyce Lacon

As previously intimated, Joyce’s funeral is tomorrow. The main lounge will be closed from 12:00 for the funeral tea.


  • Upcoming Functions and Events.
  • IT Update.
  • Course Update
  • Opening Competition
  • Gent’s Lockers
  • Catering Update
Upcoming Events
  • 23/3/18- Quiz Night- Late bar
  • 25/3/18- The Ladies may Bond Texas Scramble.
  • 31/3/18- Opening Day Double Shotgun. This is already proving to be a success as the morning times are full and there are already 12 teams booked for the afternoon. The entry sheet is in the lounge.
  • 1/4/18- Turnhouse Carvery for Easter Sunday. £14.50 for adults and £9 for 5-12 year olds. Sittings available from 13:00 to 17:00. Please book at the bar.
  • 7/4/18- Gent’s Greensomes. The sheet is live to book.

IT Update

Website- About 90% finished. Please take a look as there is a lot more information on it.

Facebook- A reminder that we have a closed Facebook page for members only.
The idea behind this closed group is to encourage new friendships and help members arrange games around their busy schedules.
Click the link below to join-

Twitter- We have two accounts at the club- @TurnhouseGolf and @TurnhouseGreens. The greens staff update the greens one with course updates and with work that is going on. We use the other one to send out messages and promotions. We will not reply to any comments on twitter publically, if you want to ask a question on Twitter then please direct message us.

Course Update

The course is holding up really well, despite the weather doing its best to hurt us.
There will be a shift to get back to normal over the next few weeks-

  • From Monday 26th March- Play from the 1st tee.
  • From Monday 26th March- Fairway mats no longer required.
  • From Monday 26th March- Par 4 and Par 5 tees will be moved back to normal tees.
  • Par 3’s, excluding the 15th tee,  to remain on teeing mat until Friday 6th April.
  • 15th Tee will remain on the teeing mats until the new tee is ready for play.
  • From Monday 26th March the roped areas will be removed.

Opening Competition

  • The draw for will be done in the next couple of days. It will be emailed, posted on the website and posted on the board in the lounge.
  • There will be hot rolls available to buy from 08:00 in the morning.
  • Hailey Beavis will be around at lunch time then returning in the evening to play a gig. FREE
  • There will also be a Karaoke in the evening. FREE
  • Late bar

Gent’s Lockers

If you haven’t put your name on your locker then please reply to this email as all non-signed lockers will be emptied by the end of this week.
It looks like we will have a substantial amount of lockers available but will be in touch once we have sorted it all out.
Remember, if you have an adjustable driver all you have to do is take the head off for it to fit in the locker.

Catering Update

We will be introducing a new menu from around the 2nd of April.
There are a lot of new additions to the menu and they will be displayed in a new TGC menu cover.

Pro-Shop Update

The Pro-Shop is filling up with all the new stock.
We have a lot of new TGC crested clothing in for both gents and ladies along with a nice Ping Clothing Collection.
The new gents and ladies Sketchers and Mizuno shoes are also now in stock and all the bags, fitting kit and hardware are now available.
Contact the shop to book your custom fit session-
New SALE RAIL with 40% Discount now in operation.

Have a great week.

Kind regards

David Gemmell CCM PGA
General Manager
Turnhouse Golf Club

Captain’s Update 19/3/18

Dear Member,

This is my first message as Captain and I would first of all like to thank each and every member for electing me as the Captain of Turnhouse Golf Club. This is a great honour and I certainly have big shoes to fill in following Sheila. Once again, I would like to thank Sheila for her hard work and commitment over the past two years as Club Captain and I don’t think any of us will ever forget the standing ovation that she received at the AGM in January, which was richly deserved.

We now enter a new chapter at Turnhouse Golf Club with a new Board consisting of myself, Oliver McCrone, our two new Board members, Andy Wright and Eileen Stevenson, and Sheila Stuart who will stay on for one further year to provide help and support as a Past Captain.  One of our many jobs is to preserve and enhance the experience of the membership and leave the club in good shape for future generations.  This can only be achieved by everyone at the club working together as a team so we can drive the club forward in the right direction and to the benefit of all members. We are certainly in good hands having David Gemmell as our General Manager as the improvements that he has achieved over the past year are there for everyone to see.

At this time of the year golf can be a bit of a hit or a miss with the weather, but yet again Turnhouse has been open more than many other clubs in the surrounding area and I am sure you will all agree that the course is in excellent condition for this time of the year. Huge thanks must go to Gavin and his team who have been working in all weathers to get the course playable for the members, whilst carrying out their winter maintenance programme at the same time.

The clubhouse has also been extremely busy and it has been fantastic to see so many members using the facilities and being well looked after by Stevie, Graeme, Scott and Pete and the rest of the clubhouse staff.  Day in day out they cater to our needs, provide an excellent service and also listen to our blow by blow accounts of hard luck stories from the golf course. Our new coffee machine is also proving to be a tremendous success and we are looking forward to Graeme launching his new menu for the forthcoming season. The Turnhouse Carvery on Mother’s Day was an enormous success with 72 covers being served. The team are now looking to Sunday the 1st of April, Easter Sunday, where they will be delivering another Turnhouse Carvery so please book early at the bar to avoid disappointment.

There has been a lot of internal improvements made to the clubhouse and, as you know, this is still part of the experience that we need to upgrade. The gent’s locker room lighting has been changed, the new sponsors sign is in place and the two new offices have been finished, upstairs,  in the old Ladies Locker Room. We cannot underestimate the amount work of that has gone into delivering these improvements and I would like to say a special thank you to Dave Douglas, Tom Greig and the rest of the Facilities Maintenance sub-committee for all their hard work so far. The work has been done by some of our sponsors and I thank them for their commitment to helping Turnhouse improve- Watson and Gordon, JK McCrone and Murrayfield Carpets. Thanks also goes to John Inness who has decorated the club office and is decorating the new upstairs offices.

As you are all aware, the new season is now only a month away, and our first competition on the calendar is the Texas Shotgun Opening Day event on Saturday 31st March which is always extremely popular. This year we have decided to do a morning and afternoon shotgun start to allow more members to participate and enjoy the event. At the last count there was only 8 team places still available.

The entry sheets for the Summer Matchplay competitions have been up on the board for the past few weeks and it is good to see that these are filling up. I would remind you though that if you are not in you can’t win, so please enter before the closing date.

Congratulations to Steven Anderson and his squad who have reached the final of the Winter League. The boys will play either Bruntsfield or Kingsknowe on the 25th of March at Dalmahoy. The first game tees off at 13:15 and all support is welcome.

I would like to finish up by wishing you all a successful golfing season and to thank our outgoing Board members Dave Cowan and Ross McKay.  Many people may not know this but Ross has been our Treasurer for the past 17 years and has been tirelessly working away in the background to ensure that the finances of the club are in a good place.  Thank you, Ross, from everyone at Turnhouse for a job well done and for all your hard work and commitment over the years.

Best regards

Moray Hanson
Club Captain
Turnhouse Golf Club

Update 9/3/18

Dear Member,

I hope that you have managed to stay safe over the past week or so?
The Beast from the East certainly made its mark.
We managed to get the clubhouse back open last Saturday and we were back playing golf yesterday. The golf course has held up exceptionally well which is testament, yet again, to the work that Gavin and his team are doing.
On that note we have to say a huge thank you to Derek Petiglio for coming in last weekend and clearing the car park. Due to the weather and driving conditions, the greens staff were advised not to come in. After digging his van out, Derek volunteered to come in for both days to clear the car park and make it safe for you, thanks Derek.

Joyce Lacon

Joyce sadly passed away last week. Our thoughts are with Reg and all their family and friends. The funeral is at 11:00 on Thursday the 22nd of March at Warriston. The funeral tea will be held here at the golf club from 12:00.


  • Upcoming Functions and Events.
  • IT Update.
  • Turnhouse Competitions 2018.
  • Booking System Update.
Upcoming Events
  • 9/3/18- A reminder that it is the Hibs vs Hearts football match tonight where the bar will be open late.
  • 11/3/18- The Turnhouse Carvery for Mother’s Day on Sunday is filling up but there are still places available after 15:00. It is open to everyone, so please call to book.
  • 11/3/18- The gents winter league team are playing in the semi-final on Sunday from 10:00. All support will be welcome.
  • 25/3/18- The Ladies may Bond Texas Scramble. Entry sheet is in the ladies locker room
  • 31/3/18- Opening Day Double Shotgun. This is already proving to be a success as the morning times are full and there are already 10 teams booked for the afternoon. The entry sheet is in the lounge.
  • 7/4/18- Gent’s Greensomes. The sheet goes live on Saturday the 10th of March. You can book via online, touchscreen or the Pro-Shop.

IT Update

The new calendar is now live on the website and on the TGC App. I had to build a new section for the App, called Events, which is why it wasn’t in the previous email. If you want to add the calendar to you phone calendar I would advise that you download the google calendar App, as this is the easiest way to use it. As it is now in the TGC App you may not need to do this.
The calendar has the tournament fixtures, functions and committee meetings in it. It will not replicate what is on BRS.

BRS App- If you haven’t downloaded this yet then please look at it, as it makes booking tee times much easier on your phone. It should be in your App store and once it is downloaded please use your existing log-in details.

Website- We are doing an update of the website which will be complete by the end of next week. You will see some new sections on it which will include a lot of the info that you have been asking for. I will advise of all the changes once they have been completed.

Facebook- A reminder that we have a closed Facebook page for members only.
The idea behind this closed group is to encourage new friendships and help members arrange games around their busy schedules.
Click the link below to join-

Twitter- We have two accounts at the club- @TurnhouseGolf and @TurnhouseGreens. The greens staff update the greens one with course updates and with work that is going on. We use the other one to send out messages and promotions. We will not reply to any comments on twitter publically, if you want to ask a question on Twitter then please direct message us.

Turnhouse Competitions and Handicaps 2018

The competition season will soon be upon us and there are a few changes to the running of them this year. A lot of the changes have been introduced to help with the administration of the competitions.

  • There will be no scratch sweep payout in any of the club competitions, but there will be one scratch voucher payout.
  • The new CONGU handicap limit is 54, not 28.
  • Check-in will all be done through the Pro-Shop and not through the touchscreen. The Pro-Shop will sign you in.
  • All cards, including NR’s, must be returned to the Pro-Shop. For later players, the boxes will be put beside the touchscreen when the Pro-Shop closes.
  • The competition times, for gents, has been extended to 14:00 instead of 13:30. Play is still available with partners of your choice after the official drawn times, up until the Pro-Shop closes.
  • There is now no limit on the amount of supplementary cards that you can submit per week for categories 2-6.
  • Category 1 players with handicaps ranging from 2.5 to 5.4 may, in Scotland only, return supplementary scores. Category 1 players below this may not return supplementary scores unless their handicaps have lapsed or they have not completed the required qualifying scores by the 31st of August.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Booking System Update

Following on from the recent email outlining the tweaks to the booking system parameters, we have had some genuine concerns that relate to the perceived impact that this decision may have on the whole membership. These concerns are based around the introduction of the two-week advance booking parameter for official match play events, especially in the winter months.
We remain committed to the success of all competitions at the club and encourage participation for those wishing to compete.
Therefore, as we now have access to a booking history, the Board has reviewed the playing history for the past year and will introduce the two-week advance booking for official match play competitions under the following parameters

Summer Match Plays

  • After 13:00 Thursday to Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is excluded from advanced bookings.

Winter Match Plays

  • After 11:30 Sunday to Friday.
  • Saturday is excluded from advanced bookings.

Normal booking parameters are reverted to out with these times.

These changes will be monitored.


Update 2/3/18

Dear Member,

Well, The Beast from the East has definitely arrived!
We are now down to a yellow weather warning for snow and ice until Tuesday.

Cabin fever must be setting in so we are going to open the clubhouse tomorrow, Saturday, from 10:00 until at least 16:00.
The local staff are going to come in and open the clubhouse and bar. There will also be food available as Graeme has managed to get suppliers to deliver and has a local chef that will be able to get in.
As we have not been able to get staff out to the club, the car parks are covered in snow, so be very careful if driving out.

Changes to advertised deadlines-

  • The gents locker amnesty will now be extended until Monday March 19th.
  • The Opening Competition sheets will now go up at 10:00 tomorrow in the Pro-Shop so that phone call entries can be taken.

The likelihood of the golf course opening at all next week is looking very slim but we will endeavour to get the driving range open as soon as we can.

Update 27/2/18- Mother’s Day Carvery

Dear Member,

It has been another great week at the club and the weather is definitely changing for the better.
We continue to thank you for your support as the membership and bar figures cannot lie. We are still tracking at 28% year on year on the bar and are taking in new members almost on a weekly basis, even in these cold conditions.
The message is certainly starting to get out there of the overall quality of the product that we have to offer, both on and off the golf course, and that we will continue to strive to improve it.
The second quiz night was a huge success with 82 eager contestants  taking part. This evening brought in over £760 in bar takings alone.
Click here to see the results.

Mother’s Day Carvery- Sunday 11th March 2018

The Turnhouse Carvery is back. We have decided to combine two events into one by delivering the much sought after Turnhouse Carvery on one of the most special days of the year, Mother’s Day.
As you know, the quality of what Graeme and his team delivery is fantastic so please help support this event for the club.
Bookings will be available from 12:30 until 17:00 and can be reserved at the bar.


Adult- £14.50
Children up to and including 11 year olds- £9

Click Here to see the menu.

Corporate Partner’s Board

The new Corporate Partner’s Board is now up on the window at the locker room entrance.
This is part of the financial development of the club as we have to attract more out-sourced revenue.
The exposure that a partner will get now should help attract new business and help retain the existing partners that we have.
The position of the sign will-

  • Maximise the exposure for Corporate Partners via advertising board and business card dispenser.
  • Close the some of the light off in that area which will help with the touchscreen usage.
  • Free up the walkway for customers entering and exiting the building.
  • Attract new Partners to the club.

Now that the sign is up we will now look at some signage for the front of the window.

Click Here to see the current sponsorship packages that are available.

Clubhouse Maintenance

There has been a lot of work now completed at the club.

  • The gents locker room lights have been replaced with LED panels and i have to say they look fantastic. The light in the locker room is now bright, consistent and more cost efficient.
  • The lights at the locker room entrance have also been replaced with LED lighting.
  • The new upstairs offices are nearly complete and the first business, Kingdom Massage, starts trading in the 1st of March.
  • The main office has now been finished and is looking a lot more welcoming.

Gent’s Lockers

A reminder that we require all members with a locker to put their name on their locker by Monday the 5th of March.
Lockers will be emptied after this date.
This is to guage who actually has a locker and then to finalise how many keys we have for each locker.
Once we have all this information we will re-number all the lockers, sort out the key situation and advise if we have any spare.

Opening Day Competition

The Opening Day Competition this year is on Saturday the 31st March.
To try and give as many members as possible the opportunity to play in this event we are trialling a double shotgun Texas Scramble day.
This means that there will be two starting times with two sittings for food.

  • Entry sheets go on notice board in lounge- Saturday 3rd March.
  • Teams of 4 players- Any mix of member with a current national handicap.
  • 09:15 and 13:30 start times.
  • Prizes for both start times plus the overall winners.
  • Buffet meal served after play.
  • The bar and kitchen will be open from 08:00 to purchase breakfast.
  • Late bar (depending on numbers)
  • £10 per person.

Art Classes

We have an exciting new class about to start at the club.
Hailey Beavis is the artist, and musician, that is going to be teaching the adult and kids painting classes.

  • All the materials and preparation will be provided by Hailey and included in the price.
  • The adult classes will be on a Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:00.
  • The kids classes will be on a Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • Adults- £15 per session
  • Kids- £10 per session
  • 20% discount for block booking.
  • For more information contact Hailey at

Places are limited so please contact Hailey to secure your spot.

Gent’s Winter League Team

Congratulations to the men’s winter League Team on beating Dalmahoy yesterday and securing top place in their division.
This win secures us a home tie in the semi finals against Swanston on Sunday the 11th of March.
All support will be very much appreciated.

Membership Numbers

We regularly get asked “how is the membership doing”?
This is not as easy to quantify as in previous years as we have many members joining throughout the year.
Here are the figures as of Friday the 23rd February.

Membership Category Number
Full 498
Youth (18-29 years old) 64
Junior (7-17 years old) 59
Social 75
Beginner 27
Intermediate 8
Country over 50 miles 1
Life 23
Elderly Retired 11
Lady Associate 10
Country 3
Honorary 2
Total 781
Club Golf 42

The full category is made up of all all members paying 75% and above with 449 of this group paying 100% fees.
There are some interesting points to take from these figures, especially in the development categories as 35 beginners have taken up the package with 8 of them already moving into the intermediate category. This means we have 35 new full members in waiting.
In this current climate the figures are good, but we still need to work on attracting more members to the club.

Upcoming Events

  • Hibs vs Hearts- Friday the 9th of March. There will be a late bar for this event.
  • Mother’s Day Carvery- Sunday the 11th March- Book at the bar.
  • Quiz Night- Friday the 23rd March. Book at the bar.
  • Opening Competition- Saturday 31st March. Book on notice board in lounge.

Update 14/2/18

Dear Member,

I hope that you have had a great couple of weeks.
Well done to those who have braved the elements and played some golf.
The course is holding up really well and hopefully spring is just around the corner where we will get some heat back into the ground.

Clubhouse Maintenance
The work on the old ladies locker room is nearly complete.
There have been a few challenges along the way but nothing drastic and hopefully we will be coming in under budget.
Watson and Gordon and JK McCrone are doing a fantastic job and we should see 90% of the work completed by the weekend.
Once the main contractors are finished Murrayfield Carpets will be coming in to do the two rooms, the landing and the old secretaries office. The old secretaries office will now become a meeting room which we will look to hire out or provide to members FOC.The main office and the new meeting room are being decorated, thanks to John Inness, and the small office beside the main office has been turned into a storage and stationary room.

The men’s locker room lighting has been failing for a number of years.
With advancements in lighting technology, it has now come to the point where replacing bulbs and ballasts is not cost effective.
The lighting will be replaced this week with new LED panels and should save us around £500 per annum in electricity costs. Thanks again to JK McCrone.

Tennants Confirmed
The Edinburgh Capitals have now left the upstairs flat.
The original plan was to look at doing Airbnb over the summer months but the we felt that it would be better looking for secure income to help us plan ahead more accurately.
To this effect we have a family moving in around the middle of March who are looking to make it a home.
It will also be another new member to the club as the father plays golf and we will need to work on the rest of the family to get them hooked as well.

The two new offices have now confirmed tenants-

Kingdom Massage
Kingdom Massage is a well established Massage Therapy business based in Fife that delivers a fantastic range of products.
The move to TGC will be an expansion of the business into the Edinburgh market.
Having this type of business on site will definitely add to the member benefits that you receive along with bringing more footfall to the club.
TGC members will receive a 10% discount on all therapies.
Therapies provided-

  • Sports and remeidial
  • Theraputic
  • Hot stones
  • Accupressure
  • Slavic
  • Emmett
Laura is hoping to start trading on the 1st of March.
Contact Phone- 07833221404Moo-Let
Moo-Let are a property letting, property maintenance and property buying/letting/selling advisory company based in Fife.
The new office at TGC will be the first of their two, planned Edinburgh offices.
Moo-let already look after our tenancy agreements with the flat and the cottage so we already have a great relationship with them and hopefully the move to TGC will benefit both parties.
Moo-let are flying at the moment as they have recently won some great awards-
  • Fife Retail Business Awards 2017-2018-  Best Professional Service Provider.
  • Scotland Retail Business Awards 2017- Best Professional Service Provider
  • Chartered Institute of Housing Awards- Award for excellence in the private rental sector.

The company will also advise if you are looking at venturing into the property market and help you with any parts of your existing portfolio.

Mike is hoping to start trading at TGC from the 1st of June.

Contact phone- 01383 822981

Gents Locker Amnesty.
We are getting there with the gent’s lockers, well sort of.
The analysis has now shown that we think we have 172 lockers being used with the only key, which is not good.
We are going to run an amnesty to identify exactly who has a locker and what key you are using.
Once we have this established we will either look at replacing the locks or sourcing new keys and re-numbering all the lockers.There will be a sticker put on each locker for you to put your name on please.
This will start next week and run until the 5th of March.


The AGM was a great evening and thank you all who took the time out to attend.
I am sure that you will join me in thanking Sheila for her two years as Captain, Ross for 17 years as Financial Director and Dave Cowan for his two years on the Board.

Our new Captain, Moray Hanson, is delighted to be in position and is looking forward to the two years ahead.

Also welcome to our new Ladies Captain, Maggie Pringle. Maggie is also looking forward to the two years of Captaincy.

Course Update
The course has taken a pounding over the past few weeks but is holding up well.
The hard frost has hindered the bunker programme but we still hope to get it finished.
There have been 70 tree stumps ground down at the newly thinned out area and we are looking at introducing wild flowers and gorse to fill in certain parts of this area.
The 15th winter tee is going to be moved back to become a white and yellow tee as the main tee will not be ready for the start of the season. We will put another mat where the existing winter tee is for the red tees.

MATS ARE COMPULSORY- Please respect that mats must be used for ALL shots off the fairway. If you see anyone breaching this rule then please report the group to the pro-shop.

PITCH MARKS- Please take responsibility for ALL pitch marks on the greens, even if you haven’t made one.

Fixture List and Opens
The 2018 fixture list is now on the website along with our opens being live for entry.
We will be putting the fixture list up in diary form as well.
All the opens are online booking only this year.
We have introduced a new event on May 27th and it is the U.S Masters Qualifying Texas Scramble. It is run by Golf in Scotland and open to any mix of players. It is a four person team and the entry fee is £60 per team.

Click here to enter TGC Opens.

Quiz Nights
We have had a fantastic response to our January curry quiz night. We had 87 people attend.
The next night is Friday the 23rd February so please enter your team behind the bar.

Click here to see the results from the January quiz night.