Membership Fees


Memberships Available – All welcome

Come Rain, Hail or Shine

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Membership runs on an annual basis, so you can join at anytime.

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Categories and prices-

Full Membership, Ladies & Gents:     £779.60

Youth Membership 18-23 years          £315.50

Youth Membership 24 – 26 years       £422.60

Youth Membership 27-29 years          £529.70

All membership costs above include £50 Clubhouse Credit, £11.25 Scottish Golf Levy, £1.35 Lothians fee* & £3 Insurance Cover. (*not applicable to ladies)

Junior Membership 11 – 14 years       £107.10 plus £3 Insurance Cover

Junior Membership 15 – 17 years       £142.80 plus £3 Insurance Cover

Tiger Cubs  7 – 10 years                     £71.40 plus £1 Insurance Cover

Beginners Membership for adulkts wishing to take up golf or returning after a long lay-off.

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Fees can be paid in various ways:

Direct Debit installments over 12 months through a third party called Premium Credit (6.9% charge)

Club Direct Debit Scheme over 6 months (3 months in advance). No charge (not available on the first year)

Cash, cheque or debit card and on-line bank transfer

Credit card, this carries £10 charge

Alternatively, once you have joined you can save up on your Membership Card which has two accounts on it, one which you use over the Bar to receive discount on drink (Clubhouse Credit) and a second “Members Bank” account whereby you can deposit funds throughout the year to save up for your annual subscription.

Social Membership-

This membership is available for full use of the Clubhouse facilities.  The cost is £75 per year (includes £50 Clubhouse Credit).  Not available on pro-rata basis.  Must be 18 years & over.